Scandinavian Interiors and Home Decor

Scandinavian Interiors and Home Decor A Guide to Scandinavian Home Decor and Interiors Scandinavian interiors and home decor have become popular right now. Also known as Nordic and nicknamed “Scandi,” it is a minimalist style that makes use of varied textures and contrasting colors to create the greatest impact without over-saturating a space. This general … Read moreScandinavian Interiors and Home Decor

English Country Interior Decorating

English Country Interior Decorating An Introduction to English Country Interior Decorating If you want an interior design style that is both comfortable and grand, timeless and lived-in, look no further than the English country aesthetic. This unique style is rooted in generations of families living in and updating traditional homes. Therefore, it can be difficult … Read moreEnglish Country Interior Decorating

The Antiques Diva

The Antiques Diva The Antiques Diva Antiques Buying Tours, Sourcing and Shipping Services in 16 Countries: Europe, Asia and America Sat, 29 Feb 2020 04:55:39 +0000 en-US hourly 1×150.png The Antiques Diva 32 32 Diva 2020 Fri, 28 Feb 2020 19:05:39 +0000 In this month’s header photo taken … Read moreThe Antiques Diva

Damascus Rugs

Damascus Rugs Unraveling the History of Damascus Rugs Weaving carpets by hand has been a renowned textile art form in what is now present-day Middle Eastern county of Syria since before written history. However, Damascus rugs, named after the Syrian capital and largest city and also sometimes called Damascene rugs, date back specifically to a … Read moreDamascus Rugs

Romantic Interior Design

Romantic Interior Design Romanticism & Interior Design: How It Began and How To Incorporate It Into Your Current Décor Originally coined in late 1800s Germany, the term “romanticism” first applied to poetry and encompassed such greats as William Wordsworth. The movement did not rely on strict definitions and focused on going against established society, including … Read moreRomantic Interior Design

Mediterranean Interior Design

Mediterranean Interior Design Exploring Mediterranean Interior Design In the sun-kissed regions along the Mediterranean coast of Europe, a unique style has emerged. This design language is surprisingly consistent along the coast despite the different cultures. It reflects the relaxed and welcoming lifestyle enjoyed by the people there. The style is also heavily influenced by the … Read moreMediterranean Interior Design