Bargains galore; New Providence will hold antiques sale

By: Melanie Tucker

On Thursday, Sept. 26, when the doors open at New Providence Presbyterian Church’s Antiques and Collectibles Sale, the hunt will be on for that replacement piece of china broken years ago, a vintage painting of the living room or some cool toy from the past.

Shoppers at the popular event come looking for decades-old postage stamps, fur coats, linens, antique furniture and jewelry. What they’ll find is a mystery at this point as donations continue to come in. Donner Booher and volunteers Sally Daley, Cathy Dickinson and Becky Laughmiller were busy last Monday moving items from storage and into the sale area. A staging area was full with barely any more space for extra stuff. Booher said the sale used to be held annually, but so many things were donated they had to change that. Now the sale is held when room runs out.

“We never really know when we’re going to have it,” she said. “It’s when we are about to explode with stuff. Then we have a sale.”

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